RSTS / Simh disk drive confusion

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 02:39:49 2004

Ok, I am reading the RSTS/E 7.0 system generation manual.. and I am
looking at my
existing simh hard disk files and what may be available.. I can't seem
to find
information for RSTS as to what it calls it's disk drives..

I have two RL01 images which RSTS calls DL0: and DL1:, and DSKINT and
HARDWR see them also as RL and
they seem to have 2MW of capacity. I can have other kinds of disks,
for instance

RMO3 simh=RP RSTS=???? DSKINT/HARDWR=RR Capacity=33mw

Ten times the size but what does RSTS call them?

I would like to find a table/list that shows all the different disk
models and what RSTS calls them.
Can anyone point me to the proper manual?
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