RSTS / Simh disk drive confusion

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 10:40:14 2004

>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Hudson <> writes:

 Ron> Ok, I am reading the RSTS/E 7.0 system generation manual.. and I
 Ron> am looking at my existing simh hard disk files and what may be
 Ron> available.. I can't seem to find information for RSTS as to what
 Ron> it calls it's disk drives..

 Ron> I have two RL01 images which RSTS calls DL0: and DL1:, and
 Ron> DSKINT and HARDWR see them also as RL and they seem to have 2MW
 Ron> of capacity. I can have other kinds of disks, for instance

 Ron> RMO3 simh=RP RSTS=???? DSKINT/HARDWR=RR Capacity=33mw

 Ron> Ten times the size but what does RSTS call them?

 Ron> I would like to find a table/list that shows all the different
 Ron> disk models and what RSTS calls them. Can anyone point me to
 Ron> the proper manual?

You mean it isn't in the Sysgen manual? Strange.

Here goes:
     RC11 DC
     RF11 DF
     RS03/04 DS
     RK05 DK
     RK06/07 DM
     RL01/02 DL
     RP02/03 DP
     RM02/03/05/80, RP04/05/06/07 DB and DR
     MSCP DU

MSCP appeared fairly late, V8.0 I think but I don't remember exactly.

DB and DR both refer to Massbus moving head disks. Until V9.0, there
were somewhat odd rules about mixing them on a single controller; the
details should be in the book. Best rule for SIMH or E11 purposes is
NOT to mix "RM" and "RP" drives on a single RH11/RH70. If you want
both, put them on separate controllers. If you do that, then the RM
drives will be called DR, and the RP04... drives will be DB.

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