Decimal V Binary??

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 13:22:21 2004

>>>>> "Pete" == Pete Turnbull <> writes:

 Pete> On Sep 23 2004, 7:37, Doc Shipley wrote:
>> The dual-height 11/03 processor allows a CIS as well. I have a
>> couple that have that chip. As far as I can determine, both those
>> machines were used to sort, analyse, and archive incoming raw
>> data.

 Pete> I've never seen one of those. What's it like? Are you sure
 Pete> you're not thinking of the EIS/FIS chip?

The PDP11 architecture handbook says CIS was an option on the
Micro/PDP-11, the 11/23-plus, the 11/24, and the 11/44. (Hm, I had
forgotten about the 11/44...) Micro/PDP-11 seems like another name
for 11/23. But elsewhere (in the intro) it also shows the LSI11/2 as
a machine with CIS option. That's the 11/03, I believe.

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