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From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 13:24:20 2004

>>>>> "Teo" == Teo Zenios <> writes:

>> Asteroids don't explode. They impact.

 Teo> Scientists think an asteroid, comet, or meteorite cause the
 Teo> Tunguska explosion in Russia in the early 20th century that
 Teo> behaved just like a nuclear bomb does today (intense energy,
 Teo> heatwave, shockwave, radiation).

That's not right. Heat and energy and shockwave, yes. A big rock
coming in at high speed will do that. Radiation (i.e., ionizing
radiation) -- not possible.

There are some theories about it being an antimatter object -- *that*
would give you radiation, for sure.

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