RSTS / Simh disk drive confusion

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 19:04:47 2004

>> Best rule for SIMH or E11 purposes is NOT to mix "RM" and "RP"
>> drives on a single RH11/RH70.

The thing I was trying to remember about mixed drives and booting is
described by this paragraph in the RSTS V9.0 Update Seminar document
(page 2-7):
      Multiple RH controllers for disks (DB and DR) have
      always been supported by RSTS. The support for this
      has been improved in V9 by allowing the booting of
      disks on either controller regardless of drive type.
      Previously, there was a restriction if the same drives
      were on different controllers, you could only boot the
      one on the primary controller.

So the answer for RSTS is (a) mixed drives are supported, (b) if you
mix on both RP/RM massbus controllers, boot the primary unless you're
running V9.0 or later.

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