RSTS / Simh disk drive confusion

From: John A. Dundas III <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 10:04:16 2004


While I'm willing to accept that mixed drive type strings are
possible and supported, I don't see how the quote below supports that.

At 8:04 PM -0400 9/23/04, Paul Koning wrote:
> >> Best rule for SIMH or E11 purposes is NOT to mix "RM" and "RP"
> >> drives on a single RH11/RH70.
>The thing I was trying to remember about mixed drives and booting is
>described by this paragraph in the RSTS V9.0 Update Seminar document
>(page 2-7):
> Multiple RH controllers for disks (DB and DR) have
> always been supported by RSTS. The support for this
> has been improved in V9 by allowing the booting of
> disks on either controller regardless of drive type.
> Previously, there was a restriction if the same drives
> were on different controllers, you could only boot the
> one on the primary controller.
>So the answer for RSTS is (a) mixed drives are supported,

That's not what I read in the statement above. IIRC, my /70 supports
up to 4 RH70s. The statement above seems to indicate that they
removed a restriction where one must boot from drive 0 of a
particular RH70. The statement itself doesn't indicate that I can
have multiple drive types on the same RH70.

>(b) if you
>mix on both RP/RM massbus controllers, boot the primary unless you're
>running V9.0 or later.

Yes, I agree, this seems to be the case.

Do you have something that explicitly states multiple drive types are
supported on a single RH70?


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