Anybody remember these?

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 05:17:09 2004

I just received this manual:

 Science Fair
 by Rolf Lohberg
 and Assembly Instructions
 Engineered For
 Science Fair Electronics - A Tandy Corporation Company

 Copyright 1971
 Stuttgart, West Germany

I had all but forgotten these things - in fact when they guy who
gave it to me described it over the phone, I could not place it - but
when I saw the picture on the cover I recognized it.

This is the Radio Shack version of the Kosmos "Logikus". It is a
small flat device with ten multi-position slider switches which move
in and out of the front. At the back is a raised panel with ten lights
which can illuminate various cards that you slide into the front of
the panel.

Along the top (in front of the panel) are many holes in which you insert
wires to "program" the device. My making connections between the various
switch elements and the lights, you can demonstrate fundamental logic
concepts such as AND and OR.

The manual includes a number of simple games and some basic mathmatical
functions - it consists of 112 pages + covers.

Aa timer permits, I will scan it an post it to my site.

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