Anybody remember these?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 18:54:54 2004

> This is the Radio Shack version of the Kosmos "Logikus". It is a
> small flat device with ten multi-position slider switches which move
> in and out of the front. At the back is a raised panel with ten lights
> which can illuminate various cards that you slide into the front of
> the panel.

Remmber it? I still have mine somewhere (with the manual, the lamp
overlays and the little strips you slide in at the front to label the
sliders). I did a few modifications to mine, the only pernaent one being
to add a 3.5mm jack socket to plug in a mains adapter.

I did a fair few hacks with mine, I certainly added relays (wires
soldered to the terminals which I plugged into the 'programming
breadboard' to give some seqeuntial functions.

I also have a couple of the Philips CL1600-series modules. Each module is
an arbitrary 3-input gate (programmed by patch sockets on the module), it
contains (IIRC) 3 ICs. Alas I only ever had the smallest set (2 logic
modules and a battery/input switch module).

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