I don't believe it!!! Jeanne

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Fri Sep 24 09:11:11 2004

   I read it. I'd heard that the Guardian was biased and now I have proof.
For example the article claims that a recount in Florida in 2000 gave the
election to Gore. That is simply untrue, there were literally dozens of
recounts done at different tiems and by different groups and agencies. They
were also done under all different conditions (count hanging chats, don't
count hanging chats, count military votes, don't count military votes,
count absentee ballots, don't count absentee votes, etc etc etc. Only ONE
recount at exactly one point in time and under optimal Democratic
conditions (such as not counting the absentee ballots) gave the majority to
Gore. ALL of the other recounts gave the majority to Bush. The LAST
recount was done weeks after the election and including ALL of the military
and absentee ballots said that Bush won over Gore by over 3200 votes.
That's not mentioned anywhere in the Guardian's report is it? They also
failed to mention that the Democratic party tried desperately to have ALL
of the military and absentee votes for Florida thrown out since they knew
that the military voted overwhelmly for Bush. My wife was working out of
state and one of those absentee ballots was her's so we paid a lot of
attention to what was going on here. Apparently a lot more than the
Gaurdian did. You need to find a less biased source of news!


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>That's one of the articles , make your own mind up.
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>> >> On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Geoffrey Thomas wrote:
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>> >> > According to my Observer newspaper , Nader gets a lot of funding from
>> >Mr.
>> >> > Bush's backers.
>> >> > So who were you really voting for ?
>> >>
>> >> Read between the lines. Ask yourself, "why?" It's more cynical than
>> >> think.
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>> >Yes I know , the paper said that they're funding Nader because he pulls a
>> >lot of Democrat votes rather than Republican , thus swinging things
>> >way.
>> Exit polls have CONSISTANTLY shown that Nader takes more votes away
>> the Republican than from the Democrats. I've heard CLAIMS that the
>> republicans secretly finance Nader but I neve seen any proof and I don't
>> beleive the claims.
>> Joe
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