I don't believe it!!! Jeanne

From: Geoffrey Thomas <geoffreythomas_at_onetel.com>
Date: Fri Sep 24 16:22:53 2004

>From this side of the pond the view is that your President Bush is the most
corrupt in modern times - his well documented draft - dodging only supports
that view. I have more faith in our Guardian/ Observer newspapers than any
of your organs run by the likes of Rupert Murdoch.
His Sun "newspaper" over here is the subject of much scorn.
If you want Bush , you have my sympathies.
Wait till the oil runs out ( the war in Iraq was about oil remember ? ),
you're gonna be in the piggies.


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> I read it. I'd heard that the Guardian was biased and now I have proof.
> For example the article claims that a recount in Florida in 2000 gave the
> election to Gore. That is simply untrue, there were literally dozens of
> recounts done at different tiems and by different groups and agencies.
> were also done under all different conditions (count hanging chats, don't
> count hanging chats, count military votes, don't count military votes,
> count absentee ballots, don't count absentee votes, etc etc etc. Only ONE
> recount at exactly one point in time and under optimal Democratic
> conditions (such as not counting the absentee ballots) gave the majority
> Gore. ALL of the other recounts gave the majority to Bush. The LAST
> recount was done weeks after the election and including ALL of the
> and absentee ballots said that Bush won over Gore by over 3200 votes.
> That's not mentioned anywhere in the Guardian's report is it? They also
> failed to mention that the Democratic party tried desperately to have ALL
> of the military and absentee votes for Florida thrown out since they knew
> that the military voted overwhelmly for Bush. My wife was working out of
> state and one of those absentee ballots was her's so we paid a lot of
> attention to what was going on here. Apparently a lot more than the
> Gaurdian did. You need to find a less biased source of news!
> Joe
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