More Commodore PET drives - more help?

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 17:33:52 2004

Hi Guys,

Still slogging away at our big pile of Commodore PET
equipment. (Having a pretty good success rate so far
- thank god for funet!)

Todays's victims are:

1) Commodore SFD-1001
   This is the IEEE-488 (PET) single-drive that looks
   very much like a VIC/C64 1541 serial drive.

   The drive powers on, and both the POWER and drive LED
   come on solid RED and stay that way - no other activity
   is observed - it doesn't matter if the IEEE bus is
   connected or not, and resetting the IEEE bus (via PET
   power-on) has no effect. If the PET tries to access the
   IEEE bus, it hangs, presumably waiting for an acknowlege
   that never comes (?)

   It looks like the on-board CPU is not running at all.
   I found some schematics on funet, however I have no experience
   with this particular drive at all - anyone have any tips or
   pointers? Any known common faults with these symptoms?

2) This is an MSD-SD2, a third party "clone" of the Commodore 2040/4040
   drive (Yeah, I know it's not an exact clone as the internals are
   different, but it reads/writes 4040 disk format).

   This drive powers on and repeatedly flashed an error code consisting
   of seven (7) flashes of all three LED's (POWER, Drive1, Drive2).

   I can find no service information on this drive at all.

   Looking for:
   - Info on what the error code means.
   - Schematics
   - Any other service info/tips.

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