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> In early 80's, there WAS a 5" x 9" x bit over 1" thick black toy.
> Powered by battery, totally mechanical motor runnning all the time,
> one dim red LED as "ball". Paddles slides side to side on each end.
> To play, Turn on red dot glows (LED) press start button and motor
> starts whirring audiably, the dot moves in fixed directions if it
> bounces off the paddles, LED mechanically stiffly "rebounds" and goes
> in different direction so on. A miss, the motor stops LED "ball"
> still glowing. I did recall clearly that LED never ever rebounded
> off the "side wall".

That was the game "Blip!" by Tomy. I've got one (they're not that hard to

> There was another similar mechanical flat toy but you "steer" the
> race car around the objects on the invisible "belt" and miss them toy
> keep going. Fun stops with flashing LED where racecar "exploded"
> when racecar "bashed" something.

Mattel Auto Race

The first hand-held electronic game (source: Evan Koblentz ;)

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