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Date: Fri Sep 24 19:47:45 2004

> On Fri, 24 Sep 2004 wrote:
> > In early 80's, there WAS a 5" x 9" x bit over 1" thick black toy.

> > in different direction so on. A miss, the motor stops LED "ball"
> > still glowing. I did recall clearly that LED never ever rebounded
> > off the "side wall".
> That was the game "Blip!" by Tomy. I've got one (they're not that hard to
> find).

YES!! That is it! God, I forgotten it was wind up toy, battery for
LED like you said. (!?) Now I remember totally. Each player must
press one of three correct white buttons to "whack" LED "ball" at
right time. Miss that glowing red "ball", game stops. Red toggle
to serve the LED "ball" over to other player.

Totally cool that it is mechanical and keep scores is amazing in
a small size.

> > There was another similar mechanical flat toy but you "steer" the
> > race car around the objects on the invisible "belt" and miss them toy
> > keep going. Fun stops with flashing LED where racecar "exploded"
> > when racecar "bashed" something.
> Mattel Auto Race

Not this one, for sure, I was sure was by Tomy's for race game
and casing is black and same size like the "Blip!" The steering
wheel is actual tiny 1" thing that rotated back and forth to move
race car either way left and right.

Found! This one.

Geez, big flashback from early 80's when I saw that "Blip!". :-( )
Thanks, I had trouble finding that with different descriptions in

I wondered what happened to Tomy company these days.


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