Macintosh Plus for Shipping

From: William Maddox <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 06:43:23 2004

Based on my estimate of weight, $25 should get it here
via either UPS ground or USPS parcel post. If the
machine is clean and complete with keyboard and mouse,
without screen burn, missing keys, or big scratches,
I'll pay up to that. Basically, if it's a well-kept
personal machine, as opposed to coming from an office
or school environment, it is probably in better condition
than what I can easily pick up locally. I'll still pass
if anyone else is interested, though.



Jim Isbell wrote:
> I am in far south Texas. So far one inquiry and no response from him
> yet atfter I told him where I was.
> William Maddox wrote:
>> Whereabouts are you?
>> Frankly, I really don't need another Mac Plus, and
>> if anyone else wants it, please let them have it.
>> If it's headed for the trash, though, I'll likely
>> be willing to save it.
>> --Bill
>> --- Jim Isbell <> wrote:
>>> I have a Mac Plus that is up for grabs. All you pay
>>> is shipping. On Saturday it goes into the trash.
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