Metrabyte PC6362

From: Geoffrey Thomas <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 07:35:36 2004

Searching the uk site for metrabyte pc6362 brings up a 2Mb acrobat file
which the search page says has a reference to pc6362.
Also a cross - reference table comes up in the faq's for old and new part
no's for their boards.
The adobe doc. is for the das-temp 32 channel temp. measuring board. - but I
couldn't see the reference in it.

Nothing in my Keithley book either.

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Subject: Metrabyte PC6362

> Anybody know what this is for? Roughly 6 x 8"square with LEDs for D0
> through D7 and A0 through A5. Also LEDs for -15VDC, +15VDC and +5VDC. Six
> position DIP switch for setting the board address. Only connector is a 50
> pin ribbon cable header. Keithly sells Metrabyte but neither Kiethly or
> Metrabyte will give you any information. Good companies NOT to do business
> with IMO.
> Joe
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