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Date: Sun Sep 26 12:12:54 2004

Hans B PUFAL wrote:

>> Eh, that's not a good enough excuse :-)

umm... It was after midnight I did not want to try think much more.

Now re-reading Zuse again you find out he was a mechanical minded
person rather than pure science or math. To me his computing engine
was mechanical rather than electronic ( tubes ) and much a greater
advent guenus in that field compared to computing in general.
Also the fact that Germany lost the war, did not improve matters.

> Indeed, the Manchester Baby machine of 1948 had 32 words of memory, and
> a 3 bit opcode field, despite this it was fully functional a stored
> program computer, if somewhat limited in its application.

So why does the Baby Emulator need Win/95 to run? :)

> On the Zuse machine, there is a paper by Rojas which discusses how to
> make it into a general purpose computer :

I am more happy just to find out how you used them and what the
instruction set
PS. I thinking of building a smaller decimal machine ( 6 digits ) and
where a good source of info on the web with the way to handle the math.
BCD? Execess 3, some other codeing?

*Answer* You can have a bit mapped display to get the
Scope tube display.
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