Dynalogic/Bytec Hyperion Drives?

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Sun Sep 26 12:37:58 2004

>These two, and another one that I am aware of locally
>appear to function, but are suffering from the well known
>"bad floppy syndrome", although one of the units does
>boot from the B: drive (yes, the hyperion will boot from
>either drive).
>Anyone know the details of the floppy drive issues?
>(This is a well known problem with Hyperions - I just
> never paid attention to it)
>Anyone ever fixed a faulty Hyperion drive?

The last couple of hours have yielded very satisfying
results ... both machines and all four disk drives are
now humming along perfectly....

The problem turned out to be very simple - the drives
have a head load solinoid, and it was sticking - kept
the heads from contacting the media. A bit of cleaning
and very light lubrication and all appears to be well.

More of a problem getting the drives out than actually
fixing them - I read somewhere that one of the big
makers had looked at the Hyperion and decided to build
their own due to "concerns regarding servicability".
I would have to agree with that!

I wonder if this is the issue which earned the drives
the reputation as being highly unreliable.... ???


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