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> I also think the should-have/should-not portion of this thread go
> offline, but let's all take this as a reminder that ALL OF US should
> have at least a simple will or letter-of-intent as to what to do with
> anything of value that friends, family or spousal-units might not know
> about (or care about). Even if you're 20, you can get hit by a truck!
> Even a simple non-legally-binding letter, a "README", in some major
> place will probably be 1000% better than nothing.
> Even a simple list of friends and/or places, "please have David, Edgar,
> Mark, etc decide what should go where" is a hell of a lot better than
> nothing at all.

If you have a sizeable collection you should document most of it in a
spreadsheet. Anything of exceptional value should have a file with
descriptions and pictures (so your relatives know what it looks like!) along
with a baseline for value. There should be a list of what is to be sold,
specific items going to specific people (phone numbers would be helpful
here), and then a list of people to pick over the remains and a list of
computer museums that can use your spreadsheet to see if there is anything
they could use. If you don't have the time to do any of this then expect it
either to hit ebay or the landfill when you are gone. The last thing you
want to leave somebody is an undocumented mess that will cost them money to
dispose of (monitors cost money to recycle).

Oh, if you are the type to borrow equipment, books, magazines, etc you need
some way to let others know to send those items back since they are not

Personally my heirs could keep what they want and dump the rest at a thrift
store, maybe somebody will get a good deal there and brighten their day.
Nothing I collect (computer wise anyway) is truly rare or has a high ebay
value individually to be worried about it. Most people would be too busy
grabbing my coin collection and IRA account to worry about the computers at
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