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From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Date: Mon Sep 27 01:46:56 2004

Geoffrey Thomas <> wrote:

> > I think a more apt comparison is the US allowing the museums of Baghdad to
> > be looted while they secured the oil fields.
> [...]
> That was possibly negligent and unthinking rather than deliberate , a case
> of tunnel vision.

It *WAS* deliberate. It was the actual reason for the whole war. The
war was not about oil: Iraq under Saddam was producing a lot more oil
than it does now, and They don't need that oil in the first place since
they have Zero Point Energy technology in Area 51. The war was about
Eden (Iraq's original ancient name), about the Navel of the Earth, and
about control over the entire planet and beyond, over the rest of the
solar system. They wanted Saddam out because he was trying to bring the
Anunnaki back to Earth. He was able to reestablish communication with
them by undigging and reactivating the interplanetary communication
equipment they left there. The entire war was about stopping the return
of the true original gods and goddesses and suppressing the ancient
advanced technologies and their technical documentation and historical
records, which is what they stole from the Baghdad Museum.

exopolitical loyalist and friend of Anunnaki, and by association of
Saddam Hussein. Long live Saddam!

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