archiving as opposed to backing up

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> At 04:34 AM 9/26/2004, you wrote:
> > > I think a more apt comparison is the US allowing the museums of
Baghdad to
> > > be looted while they secured the oil fields.
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> >That was possibly negligent and unthinking rather than deliberate , a
> >of tunnel vision.
> So, if your house was burning you'd run in and rescue your classic
> on the first trip and your daughter on the second trip?
> The Iraqi's will receive a great deal more benefit from the oil than the
> museums.
> Oh, and who was it that was looting the museums?
> Ed K.

In this case it was not our house to look after. Iraq wasn't bombed into
oblivion and the police force was not disbanded so they should have guarded
their own museums. From what I recall collectors had made lists of what was
to be stolen before the government fell and it was most likely people
working inside those museums that did the looting. Most thieves would have
broken into the banks looking for gold and US dollars that are much easier
to fence then a one of a kind 2000 year old pieces of history. Since Sadam
was eager to torch Kuwait's oilfields when we liberated that country people
in the military here figured he would do the same to his own wells (kind of
like Hitler destroying anything of value in Germany when it was over run).
The last thing Bush wanted was to liberate Iraq (which was falling apart
because of bombs and blockades) and not have a viable income stream to fix
the place up (assuming he cared about the place at all and was not looking
to cut of Sadams head and give it to his daddy).

Did anyone expect 125,000 troops to be able to police a large country of
25,000,000 while protecting every single government run organization and
sealing the borders?
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