AS/400 9404 and TWINAX questions...

From: Wolfgang Eichberger <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 02:27:31 2004

> Most (all?) Cat5 baluns use pins 4 & 5 for this run -- making sure
> that
> pair is part of a twisted pair will help a *lot*.
> Good news: You could even make an Ethernet/Twinax single jack, if
> you're
> not running faster than 100Mbps ethernet, as they run 1/2 & 3/6 for
> their
> pairs -- just use 4/5 for twinax.

thanks roger! I think I will run twinax separately from ethernet. I'll
stop by my fav electronics dealer for some connectors tonight...
> Amazingly, that's one of the (if not *the*) most damaging commands to
> the
> system... and it's the *first* one you read about in the IBM
> manuals...
> (well, the ones I read, anyway)!

uff. I don't have any manuals :( I was just looking around at IBM'S
website and was googling around a bit but had nearly no luck. No hints
on bitsavers too.
I home someone could provide some links to (at least) basic info.

But before I that I think I have to determine the correct machine type,
right? How can I do this?

 Wolfgang Eichberger

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