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From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 02:53:31 2004

Michael Sokolov wrote:

> I can't understand why everyone here is having so much difficulty with
> their wives. Why did you marry them in the first place? Why in the
> world would you want to marry someone who has no respect for your most
> important Life's Work?

I believe the term, in the vernacular, is "true dat". My girlfriend and
I are both fortunate in that we have very similar interests in
computers, electronics, photography and cooking, and even where we don't
particularly share an interest we at least participate in what the other
is doing. I have a rather better appreciation of Scottish Country
Dancing, and Carolyne's taste in cars now runs almost exclusively to
elderly Citroens, Reliant Scimitars, and her 2002 Polo. It helps that
we're both geeks and thus almost pathologically interested in *everything*.

> I would never even *date* a woman who does not share my most core beliefs,
> and she must agree to protect our property with her life before there
> can be any talk of marriage.

Well now, property is replaceable, mostly. I would urge SWMBO to
protect her life with the nearest suitably heavy bit of property
(Citroen Special Tool FBH-14, maybe).

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