Emulex UC08 help

From: Ed Kelleher <Pres_at_macro-inc.com>
Date: Mon Sep 27 13:19:29 2004

I have an Emulex UC08 SCSI <-> QBus board I'm trying to make work.
It actually has 2 controllers on the board.
I can get into the firmware on both controllers fine -- when no drives are
However, when I connect a SCSI drive to a controller,
I can not get into the firmware for that controller.

It lights up the 3 error LEDS and puts a code "231" <octal> into the SA
register low byte.
Both controllers do this.
I've tried several disk drives and a tape drive.
A Zip100 SCSI drive did let me get into the firmware, but I couldn't but
System Can't See It.

Got the UC08 recently and have not got it working yet.

Does anyone know what UC08 error code "231" is?

The board firmware is Rev P.
The UC08 manual on bitsavers is current through Rev H and stops at octal
error code "121".

I'm thinking it's a cable problem since the firmware will run when no drive
is connected,
and won't run when one is.

One thing, the UC08 is the S handle flavor that has 2 HD50 male connectors.
It's made to go to a cabinet kit that converts the HD50 to 50 pin .1" header.

I'm using a known good SCSI HD50M to Centronics 50 pin cable.
But I had to get a HD50 F<->F gender bender to hook the cable to the UC08.

Any ideas?

Oops, not wanting to set Michael off again,

Any ideas that might help me solve the UC08 problem?


Ed K.

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