Axlon Ramdisk 320 ???

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 13:31:52 2004

At 04:01 PM 9/23/04 -0400, Joe R. wrote:
> I found this this morning. Anybody know anything about it? I found an
>Apple Disk II external full height 5 1/4 disk drive in the same lot and
>this is the same style, size and color so I'm guessing that it might be
>made for use with an Apple II. However it does have one important
>difference, it uses a 34 pin ribbon cable instead of the 20 pin like the
>Apple drive does so it definitely uses a different interface.
> Joe

Its a battery backed 400k ram that emulates a floppy drive (actually 2 x
160K). I bought mine new a few years ago, sigh ala 1970's, and it must have
been prior to the Sider hard drives otherwise why would I have bought it
(could be faster). It was really fast, but I don't recall any special card.
OTOH its sitting buried and still hooked up in my office, so I could check
when that area rises to the surface. That would be a load I would look over
very carefully for any other goodies.

It won't be very soon, but when I find mine I will post info to the list.
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