archiving as opposed to backing up

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 14:33:01 2004

OK now! Great!

I think we've drifted FAR OFF-TOPIC here, this thread doesn't belong in
this list, nor do responses to it's content.

I say this with no more authority than any other list participant; I
simply don't want to read it all.

See how nice I am? Let's every one take our state-approved Happy
Pills(tm) and Be Happy and Cooperative.


On Sun, 2004-09-26 at 23:46, Michael Sokolov wrote:

> It *WAS* deliberate. It was the actual reason for the whole war. The
> war was not about oil: Iraq under Saddam was producing a lot more oil
> than it does now, and They don't need that oil in the first place since
> they have Zero Point Energy technology in Area 51. The war was about
> Eden (Iraq's original ancient name), about the Navel of the Earth, and
> about control over the entire planet and beyond, over the rest of the
> solar system. They wanted Saddam out because he was trying to bring the
> Anunnaki back to Earth. He was able to reestablish communication with
> them by undigging and reactivating the interplanetary communication
> equipment they left there. The entire war was about stopping the return
> of the true original gods and goddesses and suppressing the ancient
> advanced technologies and their technical documentation and historical
> records, which is what they stole from the Baghdad Museum.
> MS,
> exopolitical loyalist and friend of Anunnaki, and by association of
> Saddam Hussein. Long live Saddam!
> http://ivan.Harhan.ORG/~msokolov/
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