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From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 14:44:14 2004

> At 02:10 PM 9/27/2004, you wrote:
> >>Let me guess, you're not exactly popular with the ladies, are you? :)
> >I guess it is time to start a new mailing list ...
> >How to collect classic computers & be popular with the girls.
> I don't know if we need that.
> A classic computer worked for me.
> I met my wife at a company outing when I was giving a demo to company
> of a homebrew 6800 I had made to convert NCR digital Philips cassette
> to 7 track 1/2" tape.
> She was there, thought I was a brainiac and got interested.
> And later when I jumped into the swimming pool (it was winter and cold)
> knew I was the one!
> It was a Motorola moment!
> Ed K.

Same story here. I met my wife while working on a project where I was
programming in a "classic computer language". She was impressed that
I was able to quickly program something that others told her would take
weeks. My management gave me a free dinner at a fine restaurant for
myself and a date. My future wife told me that she would be glad to help
me figure out how to eat at an expensive restaurant. We went out to
supper and I never went home again except to get a change of clothes
once in a while.

Maybe it's a South Carolina thing.

- Ashley
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