Survived another one!

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 14:56:03 2004

Roger Merchberger wrote:
> Rumor has it that Joe R. may have mentioned these words:
>> Well Hurricane Jeanne has come and gone. This is the fourth
>> hurricane in
>> 6 weeks and the third that's gone through my area. The DEC and intel
>> stuff
>> sitting outside STILL hasn't blown away! Not too much damage this
>> time, for
>> the most part everything that could be torn up was destroyed in the
>> previous storms. However my roof shingles are finally starting to go. The
>> power companies are getting GOOD at this. This time they had the power
>> back
>> on the same day! I think there's going to be lots of houses (or vacant
>> lots!) for sale in Florida real soon. I went to Home Depot this morning
>> and it was packed with people buying roofing materials and other repair
>> items. A lot of them also had "Home for Sale" signs in their carts!
> Can ya blame 'em?

But then they don't have computers holding the house down.
You would think by now people would build better weather
proof homes, since the bad weather can be counted on.
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