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From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 08:59:56 2004


As a result of me taking over another (Dutch) collector's DEC systems,
I now have filled a major gap in my own collection: the Pro 3xx series
have been added. That is to say: I have a 350 in the US (a VAX console),
and this lot came with both a 325 and a 380. The 325 seems to be a
field-upgraded one, as it comes in the "usual" Pro box, not the smaller
one, and it was stuffed with RAM, options and a hard disk. So, I guess
I am still looking for the "small" 325 ;-)

Anyway. The lot also came with a truckload of boxes (binder boxes,
ya know) and floppies, so I am now Teledisking all those floppies for
later use. I'll add these to my Archive, under the Software>POS

All manuals will be auto-feeder scanned later, and the results will
also be in the Archive, under Hardware>PRO300.

Is anything PRO-related online already, other than the
archive with Venix and some P/OS images?

I seem to have:

- P/OS V1.5
- P/OS V2.0
- P/OS V3.0
- P/OS V3.2
- PRO/TK V3.0
- PRO/TK V3.2
- Cobol-81, Pascal, F77, Forth for TK
- DECnet/PRO V2.1 plus Toolkit
- PRO/Sight V1.0
- PRO/Synergy V1.0
.. and more to unpack.

If anyone wants copies or a trade, lemme know off-list !

PRO-related hardware is always welcome, too... *hint*


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