M-series at govt. auction

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Tue Sep 28 09:26:58 2004

Joe wrote...
> I buy a lot of stuff from government sales and I've found that you
> put much faith in the condition codes. Often an item will get a code like
> this simply becuase the user wanted a newer system.
Ok, cool! Thanks for the input!

> My only concern would be that someone has pulled the
> cards for the gold or for spares. If you can, you look and see if it
> appears to have the normal number of cards.
I don't need any I/O cards. My main need is a working front panel and
mainboard and I doubt they've pulled the mainboard. Of course the memory is
different from M to E, so I'm hoping some of the memory sections work.


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