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From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 10:05:52 2004

Actually I feel sorry for people that want uniform weather and climate.
I also feel sorry for any classic computer that has to survive out in
the weather in Florida or the Midwest.

/fun on
What a bunch of wimps, a little wind and water and everyone wants to
leave town. 100 mile wide storm and you can see them coming for days.
Here in the Midwest we like our wind and storms a little more
concentrated, tornados are a lot more fun. You can see them coming and
do the "just barely missed me trick". The sneaky thing about tornados
is that they can come at night and you can't see them.
They have professional storm chasers for hurricanes with planes, for
tornados amateurs in cars.

On our lake we always are interested to check the wind speed meters to
see how bad it was. I've only retreated under the concrete porch once
and watched the neighbor's boat and boat dock flip up into the yard
upside down. Weather was clear in about 2 hours. Instant storm,
instant storm gone.

I keep some of the classic computers in the garage attic to keep the
house "down". My wife has only visited there once and made a comment
"what's all this stuff". I put it in the attic when the garage was

There is a nice National Weather Service Doppler radar site very near
us, you can watch their web page and when the red storm zone is in the
center it's on top of us.

/fun off

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