Job change and shameless plug

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 09:49:52 2004

Sorry I've been more unresponsive to email than usual lately. I've been
going through a rather gutwrenching job decision - right during the middle
of a major implementation for my current day-job employer. The counter
offers have been made and delt with and the dust has settled so things
should start to get back to "normal" very shortly. Well, actually, better
than normal.

The new job I'm taking is almost the same pay but only 3 days a week - work
from home - with full benefits and total flex time (yes, it's a real IT job,
not an MLM *GRIN*). Needless to say, this will give me more time with my
collection, this list, etc. It will also allow me to spend much more time
growing my consulting practice and internet service (web hosting and
colocation), which is really what I want to do full time.

So needless to say - if anyone is aware of any consulting/support
opportunities in the areas of FreeBSD Unix, sendmail, Bind, apache, mysql,
etc. I'd love to hear it. My particular specialty is high availability
clustering of both apache and mysql. I'm targeting true consulting rather
than contracting. I'm not looking for long term contracts. Just ongoing
support, maybe a day onsite occasionally if need be. I can do most things
remotely but have no problem traveling either. I'm also a good C programmer
but I really prefer to keep that to the hobby side of things.

In addition, I'm definitely looking for companies who need a firm to host
their website or wish to colocate gear. I've been very pleasantly suprised
so far at just how quickly a lot of cheap web hosting customers can add up
to real dollars! I won't repeat my diatribe on my datacenter - suffice it to
say it's a world class datacenter with serious connectivity - not a couple
of servers in my basement.

Who knows... might even try to find some companies who still run 21MX gear
and want hardware support (lord knows I've got the excess inventory), or
maybe I can finally start real work on getting that computer museum off the
ground :)


Jay West

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