Poly88 on ebay

From: classiccmp_at_vintage-computer.com <(classiccmp_at_vintage-computer.com)>
Date: Wed Sep 29 13:37:57 2004

> Hi
> I was watching the auction of the Poly88 on ebay.
> I was astounded that the orange toaster went for
> 1358USD. I do hope that the person that is buying
> it realizes that the boards inside are not the orginal
> Polymorphic boards. Still, it is a nice looking
> box but that is a little high priced for a power supply
> and motherboard.
> Dwight

I had that machine on my watch list and it was sniped by some over-eager
beavers. . .

Hell, I paid only a little more than that for my Kenbak-1! eBay is crazy
I tell ya.

   Erik Klein
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