Shameless self promotion... was Poly88 on ebay

From: Bryan Blackburn <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 17:02:58 2004

> Hell, I paid only a little more than that for my Kenbak-1! eBay is crazy
> I tell ya.

I wish it were a little more crazy! I have listed one of my systems to
help raise the money I need to attend the VCF this year, but with less
than one day to go, it is looking bleak for the digital group. (Here
comes the plug:) See my auction at:

Admittedly, the starting bid is higher than the eBay norm, but this is
the first time a working dg system has appeared on eBay in over five
years, and is only the seventh to ever sell there. The digital group
contributed many firsts to the world of personal computing...

I may be whacked in the head, but what did the Poly 88 innovate other
than cuteness? Or maybe that doesn't matter because it is has an s-100 buss?

-disgruntled seller
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