Email client for older machines? (need help)

From: Rob O'Donnell <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 01:46:52 2004

At 01:58 30/09/2004, you wrote:

>Hi Roger,
>Are you talking about "Eudora Pro 3"? - if so, I have a legit copy, but I
>didn't try it yet because the manual shows just a "POP3 account" field in
>the host setup - I need a separate "incoming mail host" field, and the
>POP3 username must be able to contain am "_at_xxx.yyy" which is DIFFERENT
>from the configured host (it gets sent as part of the login string
>Do you know if Eudora3 actually supports such a misconfigured server

Using the full username_at_hostname email address as a POP3 account name is
quite common among some ISPs and hosting companies; it simplifies things
considerably (form their point of view) when hosting many domains on one
server, and avoids customer questions like "Why am I robert3812 when
there's only one Robert on my domain?".

The old versions of Eudora are quite odd in their account setup, simply
asking for a POP account in the form xxxx_at_yyyy where xxxx is the actual
account name as sent to the POP3 server, and yyyy is the address of the
server. (Later versions separate out the fields properly.)

ISTR, if your POP3 account name is actually, for example, "dave_at_xxx.yyy"
and your POP3 server is, say "mail.some.isp", the syntax for the Eudora
account field is:
dave_at_xxx.yyy_at_mail.some.isp - this looks wrong, but works.

(I have some odd recollections about replacing the first _at_ with a %, but it
was some time ago I last used an old version of Eudora, and I might be
confusing myself with the way Demon (UK ISP) allowed you to extract
multiple mailboxes out of a single POP3 account by manipulating the account


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