Email client for older machines? (need help)

From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 07:02:30 2004

At 01:46 AM 9/30/2004, Rob O'Donnell wrote:
>(I have some odd recollections about replacing the first _at_ with a %, but it was some time ago I last used an old version of Eudora, and I might be confusing myself with the way Demon (UK ISP) allowed you to extract multiple mailboxes out of a single POP3 account by manipulating the account name.)

Many present-day virtual hosting servers use the same trick.
I also have recollections of tweaking old-Eudora's settings
by editing the text files directly as opposed to using the
user interface.

Eudora remains pleasantly text-based under the hood to
this day; right now on the bench I'm setting up a nifty
dual-CPU Mac G5 and transferring the user's Eudora
mailboxes and all their settings from Windows to OS X
without a hitch.

- John
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