University of Michigan Property Depot report

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> Hmm. I'd like to come up with a DASD for my S/390 at some point, so I
> might do something more interesting with it than heat my garage...
> Anyways, I don't think you'd want to try to haul any IBM DASD inside an
> SUV, unless you wanted to get new shocks. A trailer, however, would
> probably work if rated for enough weight.
> The number that IBM gives as the minimum weight for an S/390 cabinet of
> the type I have (9672) is 1300LBS for a single 6ft high 24" rack, which
> explains the difficulty I had moving it across the carpeting in my last
> apartment. :)

Excellent! The Avalanche will carry 2000lbs and it's bed is 8' x 50".
Perfect! My wife will be thrilled :)
I bought some DECStations from a guy at UofMI a few years ago, he had one of
those Intel 287-based supercomputers in his apartment. I'm still not sure
how he got it up the stairs...
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