Email client for older machines? (need help)

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 08:30:25 2004

>>>>> "dave04a" == dave04a <> writes:

 dave04a> Hi Guys, I know this is a OT, but I could really use some
 dave04a> help, and I figure this group is the most likely to be using
 dave04a> a setup similar to mine...

 dave04a> My ISP has just "upgraded" their email server to be
 dave04a> completely incompatible with my client - basically the POP
 dave04a> server cannot not be determined from the POP account name
 dave04a> anymore, and since my ancient client "figures out" the
 dave04a> server from the account name, it cannot connect.

 dave04a> Can anyone recommend a decent/simple email program that runs
 dave04a> under either DOS or Window3 (NOT win32!!!) that has the
 dave04a> ability to let you specify a incoming mail server separate
 dave04a> from the POP account?

Emacs with VM will do it, and Emacs can run in DOS.

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