Need to know DDS drive used to write backup tapes

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 12:44:49 2004

> Zane> I'd much rather have to retrieve data from a TK50 than a 4mm or
> Zane> a 8mm!
> Indeed, since DLT drives tend to have read compability going WAY
> back. You may be able to read it on a current drive.
> paul

Trust me, you can't. If you had a genuine DEC drive, up through something
like a TK87 or TK88 can read TK50 and TK70 tapes, but the equivalent Quantum
drives can't. Most of the drives we have now can no longer read DLT III
tapes, and the ones we'll be recieving in our next Library can't read DLT IV
tapes from what I heard yesterday.

Having said that, I collect old tape drives (and when possible old tapes so
I can first test the drives), so people around here tend to eventually come
to me when they need odd tapes read.

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