Need to know DDS drive used to write backup tapes

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 13:14:43 2004

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> Trust me, you can't. If you had a genuine DEC drive, up
> through something like a TK87 or TK88 can read TK50 and TK70
> tapes, but the equivalent Quantum drives can't. Most of the

The last DEC DLT drive to read the older formats was the TZ88, after that
the head design changed with the TZ88N which could only read TZ87/8 tapes.
Somewhere on usenet is a post by one of the DEC tape boffins explaining it
all but he spoke in Oersteds and I kind of lost the plot :)

> drives we have now can no longer read DLT III tapes, and the
> ones we'll be recieving in our next Library can't read DLT IV
> tapes from what I heard yesterday.

SDLT by any chance?

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