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From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 22:05:21 +0000

>>> Seriously, what do you reckon would be a "proper forum"
>>> for international discussion of classic computing?

At the risk of being labeled a "Heretic" or worse. And with an upfront
statement, that this in no way reflects on the fabulous work being done by

Now this *might* lead to something interesting.... A few thoughts (in no
particular order)

1) Given the nature of the list, compatability with a _reasonable_ selection
of classic computing enviroments needs to be maintained. This should not
preclude the usage of _newer_ technologies where appropriate.

2) "Conversations" should be easy to follow, with minimal requirements on
the behaviour of the user. For example if there are 100 consecutive messages
on a topic (each one in direct response to the immediate previous one), and
someone replies to message #68, then it sould be easily identifable as such.

3) Bandwidth (client and host) as well as storage requirements need to be

4) Digest, "Immediate Message" and On-Line Access would all be useful user

5) Searchability [by members and services such as Google] is important if
this is to be used as a reference site.

6) Organization (above the distinction between ccTalk and ccTech) would be
beneficial. Being able to filter messages for a specific computer vendor or
other simiular trait would be helpful.

7) Maintenance/Management issues should be kept minimal since there is no
paid sponsorship for the list [to the best of my knowledge].

8) Elimination of redundant information (i.e. duplicated from post to post
to post) while still retaining context.

That is just a start from my "wish list" view of communications. There are
many issues with making any changes to the method of communication that
would need to be addressed, and members feelings would be among the top.

<<<< now to go down and look for the C User Journal CD I promised a list
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