Top Posting, was Re: ASR33 $1000+ And Counting...

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 23:26:27 2005

David V. Corbin wrote:
>>>> Remember that this list is archived and Googleable. In
>>>>many cases, posts to this list are the ONLY accessible
>>>>online reference for hardware or software questions. Even
>>>>for list members, being able to search and read that
>>>>information _with_context_preserved_ keeps down the
>>>>incidence of the same questions and answers coming up over and over.
> Now that is the best reason I have heard so far, but it is easy to go one
> better. [apologies to Jay for even suggesting] Switch from a mail list to a
> proper forum that supports contextual discussions. Absolutely no duplication
> of content to retain context, complete support for diagrams (e.g.
> schematics) or pictures directly in any message. The ability to link between
> current and previous messages, rich content formats, and the list just goes
> on.......

   Oh, hey, K3WL!!!

   Let's make a Yahoo! Groups! Or better yet, MSN!

   Seriously, what do you reckon would be a "proper forum" for
international discussion of classic computing?

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