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From: David Vohs <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 01:39:34 2005

I myself am 23 (I'm probably one of the youngest members here), born
1981. I guess you could say that I'm a second generation classic
computer user.

Anyhow, I cut my teeth on an Osborne 1 that my dad owned (that he hooked
up on old Amdek B&W monochrome monitor to), as well as the Apple //e &
//e platinums at primary/elementary school. After that it was primarily
PCs from there on (what can I say, I was the generation that got
corrupted at an early age!). It remained that way until 1998 when I was
given a Commodore 64C (which I still have and has been heavily expanded
since then), and now, well, have a look at my collection now! ;)

David M. Vohs
Digital Archaeologist & Computer Historian

Computer Collection:

"Triumph": Commodore 64, 1802, 1541, Indus GT, FDD-1, GeoRAM 512, MPS-801.
"Leela": Original Apple Macintosh, Imagewriter II.
"Delorean": TI-99/4A, TI Speech Synthesizer.
"Spectrum": Tandy Color Computer III.
"Monolith": Apple Macintosh Portable.
"Boombox": Sharp PC-7000.
"Butterfly": Tandy 200, PDD-2.
"Shapeshifter": Epson QX-10, Comrex HDD, Titan graphics/MS-DOS board.
"Scout": Otrona Attache.
(prospective) "Pioneer": Apple LISA II.
"TMA-1": Atari Portfolio, Memory Expander +
"Centaur": Commodore Amiga 2000.
"Neon": Zenith Minisport.
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