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Date: Sun Feb 27 01:45:16 2005

From: "Cameron Kaiser" <>
Subject: Re: Age

> 28.

Well, surely one of the youngest.

This reminds me of something.
In my spare time, I'm a member of the danish National Guard / Territoral
Army / Home Guard or whatever the term is locally.
When you turn 60, you are in principle moved to the Senior group, who is in
charge of meetings "logistics" (coffee, cookies, dishwasher, etc.) and the
flag pole in front of the building. Now that I turn 60 next time, I was
approached by the boss of the senior group, who said "Well, now that you
turn 60, we can offer you a place in our juvenile / under-age department."
"Huh ??", "Yes, the rest of us is over 70, so it must be appropriate that
your start as an apprentice "

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