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From: John Foust <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 10:44:38 2005

At 02:50 AM 2/26/2005, Eric Smith wrote:
>Sellam wrote about telephone etiquette:
>> I answer with, "What the hell do you want?",
>I used to have a line that was only for modem use. If I noticed it
>ringing, I'd answer with either that, or "Wrong number, may I help you?"
>Either way, the telemarketers were startled.

Which reminds me of how my 80s modem-only line was listed in the
phone book: as "Barn". (I was in the city at the time.) The phone
company wouldn't let me call it "modem". I recall they had a list
of approved descriptions for a line, and "modem" wasn't on it.
So I picked "barn" instead.

- John
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