Age, was Re: IBM mainframe goes for 99 cents

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 11:28:33 2005

"O. Sharp" wrote:
>Quoth Brad Parker:
>> Anyone have any idea when the first 8/I's got shipped?
>Not specifically, but I suspect a good guess would be 1968. If I remember

Ah thanks. In '68 I was living in the bay area blissfully ignorant of
computers, thinking they were far too complex for my little mind :-)

reminds me of a quote from someone about riding their '68 BSA
Thunderbolt over the bay bridge, wind in their hair, thinking the world
was about to go through some radical changes... :-)

(I once had a '70 BSA thunderbolt. best bike I ever owned. I swear it
would climb 10' walls if asked nicely)

am I off topic yet? :-)

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