From: Gerold Pauler <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 11:39:19 2005

I'm 41, born 1963-06-21,

and to make a short story long:

I allways was interested in technical gear, so at the age of 8 or 9 when my
father used an IBM Mag Card Selectric to acces an IBM Mainframe I first
heard of computers. Took one or two years till I saw the first computer
in my life (my father bought a pdp8/m in 1974). The years went by
and after using programmable calculators Commodore PR100 and TI-59
my father allowed me to put hands on the pdp8 in 1979.
Thereafter came some other machines - dds2 cs (TI9900), dg eclipse,
Commodore 4008, 8032, zx81, VAX 11/750, 780, the unavoidable PCs,
Daisy, some 68K Unix Machines (force, eltek,..), Sun sparcs, HP 3000,
Siemens RM, Sun Ultra Sparc, Fujitsu-Siemens PrimePower.
I learned programming on the pdp8 (FOCAL, PAL8, BASIC9),
studied computer science (FORTRAN IV, Pascal, 8085) wrote MS-DOS drivers
in x86 and C (modified Borland C runtime system to do that) did
hardware development (active ISDN adapter for PCs - tina ds from Stollmann)
ported the Unix System VR3.2 STREAMS evironment to DR FlexOS,
wrote STREAMS drivers for redundant connections over OSI layers,
ported OSI layers 3 and 4 from/to Sinix (Reliant Unix), HP-UX, Solaris,
SCO-Unix, Interactive Unix, Linux.
And now doing Unix (mostly Solaris) administration since 1999.



TI-59, dds2-cs, (not vintage) Ultra Sparcs (E250, E450, E3500).

New to come (April)
Two fully loaded pdp8/e racks ;-))

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