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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:22:22 2005

they're intended to be opened. If they go to any of a number of repair
stations, they may come back with a seal. I've seen 'em come back from
CompUsa with a shop seal. Packard Bell boxes have a seal, but it makes no
sense, since you're allowed to install your own boards.
> Mind you, I've seen PCs in the UK with warranty terms that include
> voiding said warranty if you install a different OS (or even a different
> version of the OS). My guess is that this is really because the tech
> support idiots can't answer questions about real OSes. I also suspect
> that if, say, the hard drive had a headcrash 2 weeks after you'd bought
> the system and installed linux (or whatever), then they _would_ still
> have to replace the hard drive.
Some retailers insist that you let THEM replace it, since they get a stipend
from the mfg's they sell for handling warranty service.
> -tony
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