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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:22:22 2005

Player, aka Data Discman. Model # DD-8. Unlike all the others I've seen, it does
not fold shut -- it's like an old Gameboy, only bigger. I think it may be a very
old model, but I dunno.

Question 1:

It doesn't display anything on its own screen, but if I connect it to a TV with
the special video cable, then that works fine. I've messed with the contrast
knob ad nauseam. No effect. I took it apart a few years ago, and stared at
components the size of hydrogen atoms for awhile, and then I put it back
together again.

My brother has the exact same model, same vintage (we each got one as a gift 10
years ago or whenever it was) and his apparently does the same thing. In both
cases, the player was working fine, and it got put away on a closet shelf (no
batteries) -- then a few months later, we go to use it and discover mysterious
screen death. In other words, they weren't dropped or overheated or anything
obvious like that, as far as we know.

Since both players suffered the same fate at about the same time, I was
wondering if maybe this model had a known defect (and perhaps a known fix?). But
I can't find squat on the DD-8 in particular, or on Bookman technical/repair
details in general. Does anyone here have any info?

Question 2:

Is the EBXA/EBG format used by these things a completely dead technology or
what? I can't seem to find any of this type electronic book for sale, not even
used. My Googling turns up results about the sort of e-book you download as a
PDF, not the actual mini-cdrom-caddy things used by this gadget.

Thanks in advance,

-- MB
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