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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:22:22 2005

wished to retain copyright on the machine, but were happy for hobbyists
to copy and distribute anything they could reasonably copy. This included
the service manual (schematics!), all the ROM images for the games
cartridges, ROM listings, and so on. And people were writing new games,
and so on.

Internally, it's all staandard parts. A 68A09 CPU, 6522 VIA, AY-3-8910
(or one of that family) sound chip, a couple of 2114 RAMs, a ROM, a
single 1408 DAC (I think that was the number), which did everything --
both deflections. sound output, joystick input, etc. A bit of fairly
simple analogue circuitry. And a few TTL parts.

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