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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:22:22 2005

MOS Technology - later bought by Commodore to become Commodore
Semiconductor, logo changed to ugly Commodore chickenhead logo
Synertek (see above)
Rockwell - I've got a full set of d-sheets for their parts.

> 2. Is this a "Find" in any sense? (I paid all of 30 cents
> each for them.) My motivation is to have enough replacement
> parts to keep all my 6502-based hardware humming for years
> to come. Though in this case I have several lifetimes' worth.
> :)
I would call it a find. How many have you got? Would you be interested in
selling me a few?

> 3. Is there any reason to fear that these chips will "go
> bad"
> at any significant rate as they age? Is there any way I
> could
> store them (reasonably, I mean, no vaccum or outer-space
> suggestions, please. :) to maximize their lifespan?
They should be fine. If they've been drenched, expect some pin corrosion.
Any corrosion on the pins can be removed with a bit of contact cleaner.

> My plan is to come into work some evening and suit up with
> the full anti-static treatment at an EMI bench with my
> little
> SBC (retrofitted with a 40 pin ZIF socket to avoid bending
> their machine-straight little legs), and test them all in
> rapid-fire succession. Is there anything inherently dumb
> about powering them up?
They'll lose their "L_at__at_K R_at_RE UNUSED" status, reducing the value by a few
cents a piece :-)

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